Friday, 1 March 2019

Pin Painted Pebbles

     This months project for Altered Eclectics is a simple painted pebble. Have you ever tried to find a perfectly round, flat pebble before?  Easy?  Oh no it's not. You'd think on a beach piled high with thousands of pebbles you could find just one.  It's at that point you realise just how amazing nature really is, it's not just a pile of stones, they are all unique.
     So I settled on a couple of pebbles that are almost round and almost flat. As they are both quite small I had to find a way of adding paint that was also small. A pin head is ideal but difficult to hold, out came the jar of corks. If you keep something long enough it will come in handy!
     I tried to make pretty patterns on my stone but as you can see I need much more practice, it's not a easy as you think. The paint is Pebeo pearl in various colours, I have to say I prefer the pale pattern on the small stone, the dark colours are really dark.
    We all see amazing things made by others and think 'that's nice, I can do that', well yes you can but when you try it you appreciate just how much time and effort, as well as practice, they must have put into it. Maybe with my eyesight I should go for a bigger pebble!
     The larger one is now sitting in a flower pot with other unpainted pebbles surrounding a patio rose, the small one is on the bathroom windowsill.
     Whatever your project, as long as it's not a card or an ATC, you can come over and share it with us at Altered Eclectics, we would love to see you creations.

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  1. Love your pebble painting Rocky. I love your blog, such pretty and diverse crafts. Judy


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