Sunday 1 September 2013

Beach Mobile

     This is another creation made from my beach finds. Everything except the cord and fishing line was found on the beach. One beach in Wales near my parents house and one beach here in Norfolk.
     The drift wood all came from Wales, as did the small shells and the crab claw. The stones and the large shell came from a local beach. I love beach combing, especially in rough weather or just after. On holiday this year we found five different kinds of seaweed washed up on the beach as well as lots of shells and some fossils.
     All the stones and shells have holes in them already so I didn't have to drill anything. The fishing line is tied around the driftwood so that's not drilled either.
     It really is very easy to put together as long as you work with it hanging. I began by tying two long pieces of drift wood together with cord, to be used for hanging the whole thing, to form a cross.
     After making the cross I began to tie small shells and stones to smaller bits of wood with fishing line and then began to hang them from the cross. It's all a case of balance which is why it's easier to make it hanging up than lying on a table. On a nice sunny day you can work from the washing line.
     All of the items have been washed, the crab claw was soaked in an antibacterial solution for a few days to make sure it didn't smell bad, I wouldn't suggest bleach as this may take the colour out of the shells and the claw.
     I have made several of these for friends, I have one in my bathroom. For me this one is special as it brings Wales and Norfolk together, a trip west is never complete without a few hours on the beach.
     Next time you go to the beach have a look and see what you can find, use a stick to poke through the rubbish washed up, be careful what you pick up but have fun finding little treasures.

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  1. What a lovely mobile to remind you of happy times walking along the shore


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