Friday, 12 April 2013

Cosmic clingfilm

    A strange title you may think but that just about describes the way I made my background for Make My Monday's challenge - create a background.
    I began with a white piece of thick card which I put in the bottom of a shallow box and then sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer Mica Misters in Antique Rose and Patina. I use a shallow box as the spray can escape a little and I've already been in trouble for redecorating the kitchen worktops before!! My usual spray booth is the greenhouse but it was wet and cold today so I used lots of newspaper under my box just in case.
     When the spray was still very wet I put scrunched up clingfilm (food wrap) on top and left it there until dry. This makes a great pattern as the mica gathers along all the fold lines, you can't hurry it up with a heatgun though, you just have to wait!
    With such a patterned background I chose to use silhouette type stamps from Chocolate Baroque's Wild Meadow embossed in dark blue, black was to harsh.
    The mica pattern shines well when the card is at an angle but face on you can see the sprays paint colours clearly. This technique works very well on the paler colours as the mica seems to show a little more than on dark colours.  
    I have added a dark blue butterfly cut with a Joy Craft die and while still in the die I have used Perfect Medium to ink up the wings. Once removed from the die I have added some silver mica powder which is sealed with hairspray.
    The card blank has been coloured with a pale green chalk before adding the picture which is matted with dark blue.
    I have not put a greeting on my card as I felt it didn't need one on the front, I shall add that inside when I've decided what to use it for.
    If you have any brand mica sprays have a go at this, it's fun because the outcome is always different. Just make sure you have a wet surface to lay your clingfilm on to and don't forget to scrunch it up, layed flat it will not do much atall.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous creation! Thanks for joining in with my DIY background challenge at MMM.
    Fliss x


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