Friday 24 July 2020

Pinstripe Poinsettia Bauble

     This decoration was made with the two largest flower sets left over from making the Pinstripe Poinsettia Tree. The dies used are a combination of the new Pinstripe Poinsettia from John Next Door being released on Sunday and the solid Poinsettia die from 2018.
     When making the tree I only used the third and fourth size flowers, this uses the first and second largest flowers. I have stuck the smaller of the two petals on to the largest, added a nobly gem in the centre and then glued the two flower sets back to back.
      The acrylic baubles were from Aldi last year, they have a speckle of gold glitter in the plastic which adds to the festive sparkle. I put the twin flower set in the bauble, it fits quite snugly so it doesn't move about. I ran a small bead of 3D PVA around the edge of one half and closed it, the glue dries clear so it doesn't show.
      I had fun and games trying to tie two similar ribbon bows to go on the top, bows are not my thing so it was a challenge. The bauble comes with a hanging thread so all I had to do was use hot glue to fix the bows on top and it was done.

Materials List
JND190 - Pinstripe Pionsettia Die
JNDCC017 - Poinsettia Die (solid shape)
Plastic bauble
Hot Glue - Stix2
S57262 - 3D PVA Glue

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