Monday 16 August 2010

This is the next project working with Walnut Hollow. It started life as a plain clear glass vase (again found in a charity shop).I've lined the vase with tissue paper so you can see the design more clearly.
I used alcohol inks to colour an inch deep rim around the top, then using the same inks I coloured three sheets of metal. Then I stamped leaves from 'Autumn Foliage' by Creative Expressions in Ranger black Archival Ink on the decorated metal sheets. These were left overnight to dry before working the design from the front. They were cut out, leaving a small border around the outside, using the W.H. metal scissors (don't mess up your other scissors, these are made for metal!)
I also stamped some leaves directly onto the vase, it was tricky stamping on a curve but if you cup the stamp in the palm of your hand it will work just fine. Stamp the same leaves onto a post it type note and cut out the leaf leaving a lovely leaf shape whole as your mask. Then with the alcohol inks colour the stamped leaves through the mask, it will blur the black slightly but I think it lookes OK and by the time the metal leaves are on the vase nobody will be looking at them that closely anyway.
The last step is then to stick the metal leaves onto the vase with W.H. double sided tape (VERY sticky stuff) and there you have it, one autumn vase. This would have to be gently hand washed but it should last quite well and with a few chrysanthemums in it will look great on your table.

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  1. Thats really nice, Rushanne!
    Very striking!! You've obviously been working hard.
    Hope it goes well with the demo on Saturday.
    Viv xx


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