Tuesday 10 August 2010

This is the latest project. I've been working with Walnut Hollow Creative Metal. (refered to as W.H. in the rest of the post)
I found this little trinket box in a local charity shop already painted a beautiful metalic blue, it has a small shell stuck very firmly to the lid.
I used a die cut letter to stick to the shell ( it just wouldn't budge so now it's part of the design!) then I used one sheet of gold covered aluminium and worked it gently over the shell. Once I had the shell outline I then worked the swirl pattern using a 'Design Square' from W.H.
A little trimming was necessary to make it fit then it was stuck down with W.H. metal tape.
As the aluminium is coated some gold did rub off leaving it with a worn look, so I added to this by gently rubbing over it with a little brown acrylic paint. It now has an aged look about it which I rather like, plus it makes any small imperfections part of the overall look!
W.H. metal is easy to work with and doesn't have to be just for cards as you can see. I'll post a few other projects over the next few days. If you get the chance give it a try and if you already do parchment craft then you'll be right at home.

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  1. Hi Rushanne,
    Thats lovely, well done!
    Hope you are having fun with the Walnut Hollow kit.
    Greetings, Viv x


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