Monday 9 January 2017

MHK Designs Monthly Inspiration

     These cards are a variation on this months MHK Designs challenge card, the same picture but with different words, the beauty of this stamp set is they are coloured images.
     I have written myself a little crib sheet so I don't forget how to do these again. My photo package sends the image to print out with the left hand side (viewed landscape) being the top of the paper, so to get the image on the righthand side of an A5 piece of card the correct way up I have to turn it around, then tell it it's a 6x4 card. It then prints it the correct way up on the right of the A5 card so I can fold it in half to make my CAS card. I printed the flowers first and then ran it through again for the sentiment.
     Sounds complicated?'s not really, my explanation may not be that good but it does work, or should I say for my package and printer it works. I suggest you play around on copy paper to see what your set up can do.
     Making a batch of CAS cards like this is ideal for a small gift, a thoughtful way of saying thank you to someone.

Stencil In The Roses
Pretty Petunias


  1. I love these, Rocky!!! I like doing sets, too! When you have a lot of them, it's nice to have a card ready at any time. :) LOVE the two sets you paired here--and I adore that the rose is "out of bounds" off the margins of the cards! Sending HUGS! :) Mynn xx

  2. beautiful looking cards....ready for Spring.


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