Monday 1 August 2016

Fairy Toadstool light

      Fairy jars are very popular at the moment so I thought I'd make one too. I wanted mine to look like a fairy home so I made it like a toadstool.
     I found some small dessert bowls in the charity shop, they're plastic and fit perfectly upside down on top of a Hartleys jam jar.
     The inside of the bowl is sponged with red acrylic paint and the outside has small punched flowers cut in double sided sticky sheet, then covered with glitter.
     There is a black die cut fairy shape stuck to the inside of the jar, then the outside is sponged with white acrylic paint. I didn't sponge the inside as it was difficult to get it to look good, on a bigger jar it would be easier.
     There is a battery tea light inside with acetate strips stuck to each side so it can be lifted out without having to turn the jar upside down.
     Altered Eclectics is a challenge for all things mixed media and recycled, the only things not permitted are cards and ATCs. There is no theme to follow so just let your creative spirit loose and show us what you make.


  1. I just love recycling and you have made something so unique out of what would be trash - love the colours and your imagination hun xx


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