Monday 10 August 2015

Stars and Flakes

     My project for Creative Expressions this week is a simple star card, it's made using papers from the John Lockwood 12 Days Of Christmas paper collection.
      These papers are 8x8, 170gsm and double sided, it's great to get a double sided paper that's not too thick to fold neatly.
     I have cut an equilateral triangle from one sheet of paper, each side is 8 inches long.
     The triangle is marked on each side at 2 5/8, 4 and 5 3/8 inches, then scored between these marks to form the fold lines. The fold nearest the point will need to be a 'mountain' fold and the fold nearer the centre will need to be a 'valley' fold.
      I have added a hanging thread to the top of the inner triangle before beginning to decorate the star, it can now be fixed and hidden by the inner panel.
     I have used a small snowflake stamp and Cosmic Shimmer Bright Gold embossing powder to add a little sparkle to my star.
     There is an inner white card panel that has been stamped and embossed with a greeting, this is stuck over the thread and gives somewhere to write a message.
      The star folds up to hide your message and will hang quite happily on the tree. To secure the folds you need to overlap the corners tucking one end in and one end out.
     These would be great hung all over your tree with little messages inside, they can be made smaller, just make sure you keep the sides an equal length. Using the basic shape your decoration could be simple, like this one, or much more elaborate covering each section with coloured layers and images.
     There are so many things you can make with this paper stack and with 48 sheets in the collection you can co-ordinate your decorations, cards and gifts.

Materials used
CE John Lockwood Paper Collection - 12 Days Of Christmas
CE Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder - Bright Gold

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