Monday 8 June 2015

You've Been Framed

     This weeks project for Creative Expressions uses one of their MDF frames, I love the colour of these frames so this one has not been painted, just decorated a little.

     There are two frames in the pack, one is 6x4 and the other is 5x3. They have a back, a frame and a stand, it then up to you how you use them.
     I have used the smaller 5x3 frame for this project, which leaves me the larger for another day.
     I have used CE Flake and Glitter Glue on a Tim Holtz stamp of flourishes, adding the pattern to all four edges.
     Persian Dawn Gilding Flakes are a gorgeous mix of gold. copper and silver, they go very nicely with the brown MDF.
     After the gilding was finished it was safe to add an acetate sheet to the back of the frame using ultra tacky double sided tape.
     The acetate will protect my photo when the frame is finished. To make a small gap just wide enough to hold the photo I have added double sided foam tape to the back of the frame, on top of the acetate. The foam is only on three sides and flush with the outside edge of the frame.
     The foam tape is white so it does show even though it's tucked in between two brown layers, so it needs to be coloured. A dark brown alcohol marker was just the thing needed to 'hide' the foam, once coloured it just looks like another layer of MDF.
     Add the little stand to the back and there it is, I didn't glue the stand in place so that if I wish to change from landscape to portrait I can move the stand too, it's quite a tight fit and doesn't drop out.
     The gap is 2mm, the width of the foam tape, which is just enough to slide a photo into.

Materials used
CE Rectangle MDF Frames - 6x4 / 5x3 twin pack
CE Flake and Glitter Glue
CE Gilding Flakes - Persian Dawn
Ultra Tacky Double Sided Tape
Thick acetate
Foam Tape
Dark Brown Alcohol Marker

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