Sunday 2 October 2011

Bead This, Craft That visit

Thankyou to staff and customers at Bead This, Craft That in Dereham for a very enjoyable day.
I do appologise for the slow start due to my car trying to behave like a tractor, I did get home with no further assistance from the RAC !
As promised here is a 'How To' for the little triangular boxes. An A4 sheet of card will make three boxes if you cut it into thirds widthways, each piece will measure 21cm x approx 10cm.
Follow the guide given in the photo and score the box along the centre, then score from the centre fold line outer corners to the middle of the outside edge as shown by the dotted lines. These score lines will make the folds reqiured after decoration, it is easier to decorate while the card is still flat. The holes are best punched at the end once all folds are complete so that they match up perfectly ready for the ribbon tie up.
When decorating your box do one side at a time remembering that the picture will need to be grounded along the centre fold, otherwise you may have one side the right way up and one upside down once folded. If using an embossing folder you will find that only one side will fit completely, the same applies with the 6" square masks.

You can make these in different sizes, make 24 little ones for an advent decoration. Party or wedding favours, if you make jewellery they make perfect gift boxes. They can be embellished with as little or as much as you wish.

If you have any queries or comments please let me know, I hope these instructions are useful.

This stamp set is 'Christmas Post' from Creative Expressions. For the lady who was asking about these stamps I have found one sample on the Particraft blog (click the link on 'My Blog List') and I am still looking for more. It may take a while but I'll try and track them down for you.

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  1. Try searching for Christmas Post samples on KSL Creative blog.


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