Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mind that heat gun!

It may not be the typical fire engine you would expect to see but it is an active fire service vehicle. I have always wanted to drive a fire engine complete with flashing lights and sirens and on saturday that's what I got to do.

The Fire Fighters Charity organised a Ladies Driving Challenge day held at Coltishall, Norfolk. You raise money via sponsorship for the charity and they let you drive a wide selection of vehicles, it has to be done, it is without doubt one of the best days out ever and you're helping charity while having fun. For those of you who are tempted then contact The Fire Fighters Charity to find out when and where the next challenge is.

The fire engine was top of the list but I also got to drive a combine harvester, a tractor, a coach, police car, double decker bus, a landrover on an off road course and to finish the day a ride in a tank! Wasn't allowed to drive that one .....shame, maybe next time!!!

There were also sports cars, articulated lorries and a couple of army lorries but I ran out of time. There's always next year!

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