Monday 28 May 2012

Rose - Sew Simple

 As promised here are the instructions for the paper rose demonstrated on Sunday at Sew Simple. This is a technique that my friend Lynne showed me, it is always a firm favourite whenever it's used.

Materials : Four x 6 petal flower shape - lightweight card
                   ( die cut, punched or stamped and cut out )
                 Strong PVA glue or silicone glue
Tools :       Scissors
                 Cocktail stick or thin paintbrush handle
                 Mini pegs or paperclips

 These four flowers are stamped using a Chocolate Baroque stamp and cut out with scissors. The technique works just as well with die cut or punched flowers. It is possible to use a five petal shape, it will just produce a slightly different flower which would look great in a bouquet.
If you are going to colour your flower it is best to do that now as it's less fiddly before cutting. Remember to colour the back of the petals too, when the flower is built you can see the back of the shapes.
 One shape is left uncut for use as the base. One shape is snipped from edge to middle. One shape is cut to remove one petal and the last shape is cut to remove two petals. DO NOT throw anything away, we need those little petals too.
 Fold and glue the overlapping petals on cut shapes as per the photo. Using little pegs or clips will help hold it while the glue dries. Once the glue is dry use the cocktail stick or brush handle to gently roll the edges of the petals.
Begin by sticking the five petal shape to the base, you may need to flatten the bottom a little. Next glue the four petal shape and so on until you have built your flower. You will need to trim the bottom of each layer slightly to shorten it just enough to sit inside the previous layer.
Each flower you build will be a little different

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do. Try different flower shapes and put them all together in an amazing bouquet. The floral gift that won't wilt or die. If you have any queries then please contact me either by leaving a comment ( I read them all as I don't get many) or by e-mail on my profile page.  Happy Crafting!!

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